handmade film with canola oil

From: Benjamin Kochman (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Feb 23 2008 - 15:21:20 PST

I'm in an Experimental Film Class at the University of Arizona (Nicole
Koschmann's class, if anyone knows her) and we're making a handmade film. We've
decide to use canola oil to try to create a "floating effect" with the images.
We're taking clear leader and drawing on them with fancy felt tip pens from an
art store. Then, we put on a layer of canola oil, with the intention of putting
another layer of animation to "float" on top of that. The canola oil, however,
doesn't seem to want to "dry", and anything we put on top of the oil just kind
of bleeds around. To compound our problems, the canola oil is making the first
layer of animation bleed around too, leaving us with nothing but gradually
fading smears on our clear leader.

Is this what canola oil is supposed to do to the film? Would using a different
type of oil or pen or paint work better? What's the proper way to apply the
oil, just dabbing it or taking the whole film and dropping it in a bucket of
oil? Any advice would be wonderful. Thanks,

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