Re: handmade film with canola oil

From: Ken Bawcom (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Feb 24 2008 - 19:19:25 PST

I just did a little quick research, and found something interesting.
The component of rapeseed oil that is harmful to humans, and has been
reduced in the varieties of rapeseed that produce canola oil, is called
erucic acid. This is actually an oil, that WILL polymerize, i.e. dry
and get hard. But, the amount of it in canola is greatly reduced. It
can be up to 60% in rapeseed oil. So, perhaps real rapeseed oil would
do what you want, or at least the erucic acid extract of it would. But,
it would still have the tendency to lift the marking pens. I think my
spray varnish suggestion is the most practical.

Ken B.

Quoting Benjamin Kochman <email suppressed>:

> I'm in an Experimental Film Class at the University of Arizona (Nicole
> Koschmann's class, if anyone knows her) and we're making a handmade
> film. We've
> decide to use canola oil to try to create a "floating effect" with
> the images.
> We're taking clear leader and drawing on them with fancy felt tip
> pens from an
> art store. Then, we put on a layer of canola oil, with the intention
> of putting
> another layer of animation to "float" on top of that. The canola oil,
> however,
> doesn't seem to want to "dry", and anything we put on top of the oil
> just kind
> of bleeds around. To compound our problems, the canola oil is making
> the first
> layer of animation bleed around too, leaving us with nothing but gradually
> fading smears on our clear leader.
> Is this what canola oil is supposed to do to the film? Would using a
> different
> type of oil or pen or paint work better? What's the proper way to apply the
> oil, just dabbing it or taking the whole film and dropping it in a bucket of
> oil? Any advice would be wonderful. Thanks,
> Ben
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