Re: reliable super8 rewind method

From: Jim Carlile (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Nov 15 2007 - 15:12:23 PST

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Matt Andronica, a filmmaker in Chapel Hill (10 years ago) did a pretty
amazing triple exposure film where he masked the gate at each pass, so that you
had a three-way split screen. I think he had a legendary device for
backwinding that I've never seen. I believe it involves cracking open the cartridges,
but here I'm in over my head. Anyone else actually ever see one of these

It's possible he used the old 200 foot super 8 cartridges, which allowed
unlimited backwind. Those and the Nizo 6000 series cameras could do amazing
things. There were various mattes and a matte box available.
200 foot cartridges were designed differently than the fifty footers. There
were Ewa and Craven backwinders available for years, but they were only
limited to about 90 frames or so. Regular 8 can be backwound for any length. I
guess it's possible to reconstruct a fifty foot cartridge and manually rewind it
yourself, then put it back together. But you'd really have to know what you
were doing.

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