Digital Audio Recorder

From: andrew lampert (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Nov 12 2007 - 21:43:58 PST


I realise that I'm inviting a lot of opinions and responses, but if anyone thinks they have a good answer I'm all ears. I'm looking to buy (or maybe even rent if what I want is too expensive) a digital audio recorder with the express purpose of recording sound that will be used on a stereo optical celluloid soundtrack. There are a lot of options on the market and I've not had experience with any of them which is why I ask such a broad question. I can see myself recording voices, music, field recordings, etc, and using it for other near future film and video projects. I don't like using mini-discs and, at this point in time, don't want to go to DAT. Does anyone have any recommendations for compact flash card recorders? Anyone here use a Marantz PMD 660? Feel free to write back off list.


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