Re: Digital Audio Recorder

From: Rob Danielson (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Nov 13 2007 - 08:57:47 PST

Its true that there are several pretty good recorders around $300. If
I had another $200,.. it would be hard for me to pass-up investing in
a Fostex FR2-LE. Its the real deal. Phantom-power and very low-noise
mic preamps. I've not come across any serious "gotcha's" reported by
recordists yet. In tests posted on the NatureRecordist list, it
fared very well beside the Sound Devices 722. The Fostex is a
significant step-up from an H4 or Hi-MD and it would enable you to
build-on your field rigs over time with high quality mics. Rob D.

At 7:47 AM -0800 11/13/07, Nelson, Gordon wrote:
>I will second that the zoom H4 is a decent unit. I've been using one
>for about 1 year now and have used it in a variety of situations
>including loud rock shows, nature, voice, etc. The 24bit 96khz
>sounds great plus a horde of different mp3 compressions. 2 combo XLR
>+ 1/4" jacks, phantom power, plus the excellent built in mics seal
>the deal. My only complaints are: a lame, crowded menu architecture,
>cheezy rock n roll features and cheap-o plasticness. but that's what
>you get for low$$$. I have dropped it twice and it still works.
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>Subject: Re: Digital Audio Recorder
>I like the Zoom H4, very handy for field recording and with all kinds
>of compression options including 44, 48 and 96Khz which sounds
>amazing. The built in mics give a good stereo image. And it is not an
>expensive unit.
>At 21:43 -0800 12/11/07, andrew lampert wrote:
>>I realise that I'm inviting a lot of opinions and responses, but if
>>anyone thinks they have a good answer I'm all ears. I'm looking to
>>buy (or maybe even rent if what I want is too expensive) a digital
>>audio recorder with the express purpose of recording sound that will
>>be used on a stereo optical celluloid soundtrack. There are a lot
>>of options on the market and I've not had experience with any of
>>them which is why I ask such a broad question. I can see myself
>>recording voices, music, field recordings, etc, and using it for
>>other near future film and video projects. I don't like using
>>mini-discs and, at this point in time, don't want to go to DAT.
>>Does anyone have any recommendations for compact flash card
>>recorders? Anyone here use a Marantz PMD 660? Feel free to write
>>back off list.
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