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From: Nelson, Gordon (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Nov 13 2007 - 07:47:33 PST

I will second that the zoom H4 is a decent unit. I've been using one for about 1 year now and have used it in a variety of situations including loud rock shows, nature, voice, etc. The 24bit 96khz sounds great plus a horde of different mp3 compressions. 2 combo XLR + 1/4" jacks, phantom power, plus the excellent built in mics seal the deal. My only complaints are: a lame, crowded menu architecture, cheezy rock n roll features and cheap-o plasticness. but that's what you get for low$$$. I have dropped it twice and it still works.

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I like the Zoom H4, very handy for field recording and with all kinds
of compression options including 44, 48 and 96Khz which sounds
amazing. The built in mics give a good stereo image. And it is not an
expensive unit.

At 21:43 -0800 12/11/07, andrew lampert wrote:
>I realise that I'm inviting a lot of opinions and responses, but if
>anyone thinks they have a good answer I'm all ears. I'm looking to
>buy (or maybe even rent if what I want is too expensive) a digital
>audio recorder with the express purpose of recording sound that will
>be used on a stereo optical celluloid soundtrack. There are a lot
>of options on the market and I've not had experience with any of
>them which is why I ask such a broad question. I can see myself
>recording voices, music, field recordings, etc, and using it for
>other near future film and video projects. I don't like using
>mini-discs and, at this point in time, don't want to go to DAT.
>Does anyone have any recommendations for compact flash card
>recorders? Anyone here use a Marantz PMD 660? Feel free to write
>back off list.

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