Re: Attn Pip: Subtitles on PAL VHS

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Oct 26 2007 - 10:21:30 PDT

the subtitles are burned in but we also have tapes without titles.
I think we made SECAM tapes with titles and PAL tapes without.

At 12:14 -0400 26/10/07, David Tetzlaff wrote:
>Here's a technical question for Pip, but I post it to the list in case
>anyone else knows something about this issue...
>I ordered the reVoir issue of Maclaine's Beat Films. It's a PAL VHS. I
>have a JVC multistandard player -- not a standard converting player. So
>I've hooked it's video out several ways to check for different results:
>a. direct to a PAL capable projector
>b. to an NTSC TV through an older, but more expensive Tenlab PAL to NTSC
>c. to an NTSC TV through a cheap SIMA video stabilizer that's supposed to
>accept PAL in and put NTSC out.
>Using the first two methods, French subtitles appear for The End (but not
>the other films). Since I speak English, and not French, I'd rather not
>see them. I'd always assumed subtitles had to be burned into the actual
>image on VHS, or any analog video.
>However, when I ran the signal through the SIMA, I saw no subtitles. The
>picture looked awful, as the color was totally unstable, but it made me
>wonder whether the subtitles ARE burned in, or some kind of removable
>Any knowledge on this matter out there?

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