Attn Pip: Subtitles on PAL VHS

From: David Tetzlaff (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Oct 26 2007 - 09:14:53 PDT

Here's a technical question for Pip, but I post it to the list in case
anyone else knows something about this issue...

I ordered the reVoir issue of Maclaine's Beat Films. It's a PAL VHS. I
have a JVC multistandard player -- not a standard converting player. So
I've hooked it's video out several ways to check for different results:

a. direct to a PAL capable projector
b. to an NTSC TV through an older, but more expensive Tenlab PAL to NTSC
c. to an NTSC TV through a cheap SIMA video stabilizer that's supposed to
accept PAL in and put NTSC out.

Using the first two methods, French subtitles appear for The End (but not
the other films). Since I speak English, and not French, I'd rather not
see them. I'd always assumed subtitles had to be burned into the actual
image on VHS, or any analog video.

However, when I ran the signal through the SIMA, I saw no subtitles. The
picture looked awful, as the color was totally unstable, but it made me
wonder whether the subtitles ARE burned in, or some kind of removable

Any knowledge on this matter out there?

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