Re: syncing 2 16mm projectors

From: Bernd Lützeler (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Sep 24 2007 - 21:38:59 PDT

Hi Lisa,

I just remembered, some weeks ago I came across the same discussion
in a german projectionist forum:

There are a few people who HAVE the technical solution, so try to
write to them in english (the PN button is for private messages) and
see if & what they reply:

MichaelB says:
there are a few models of Bauer P8 with a sync motor, you can
recognize them easily, on the back side they have a hunch to
accomodate the sync motor which is bigger. He has built several sync
solutions in the 1980's.

Foja says:
he has built a sync solution for Bauer P8 some years back and says
it's not a big deal.

pagodeiro says:
he has built sync solutions for super-8, see:
He says for Bauer P8 is so easy that if you're technically skilled,
you can do it yourself. He gives a short discription but translating
this for you now I think might be confusing, better you ask him



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