Re: syncing 2 16mm projectors

From: db (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Sep 24 2007 - 15:47:01 PDT

Yes, I understand that interlock required and delivered exact sync,
though I certainly didn't make that clear in my reply. I guess I was
thinking about interlock systems usually being set side by side like
the B&H system Greg mentioned and, not having any strong recollection
as to how those systems actually worked, figured it would take some
creative thinking to make one of those old systems work together when
they weren't side by side but, instead, across the room from each
other projecting on opposite sides of the same screen. Perhaps my
"along those lines" was meant to (subconsciously) cover that
inconsistency of thought. Thanks for helping me clarify what I really
meant to say.


On Sep 24, 2007, at 3:07 PM, Jeff Kreines wrote:

> Er, that required absolute sync! (Only those who don't make films
> with sync sound would disagree...)

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