Re: Lablink

From: Shumona Goel Future East (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 21 2007 - 22:09:50 PDT

Dear Frameworks,

Does anyone have the phone number of Lablink? Or any contact who may help
retrieve a stored negative, if it's still there.


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Subject: Lablink

> Dear Frameworkers:
> It is with genuine regret that I pass along the news the Lablink is no
> more. Depending on who you talk to, it's either already closed, or will
> close within 5 days. If you have elements stored there, run, don't walk to
> retrieve them.
> Tony and some of his crew will be working at DuArt in the near future, I
> am told. Lablink was extremely helpful and congenial on every occasion I
> availed myself of their services. Sharon was a friendly face and an
> efficient and organized front desk person. Norman was very knowledgeable
> and experienced and willing to share that knowledge. Pete was one of the
> best timers ever, especially B&W: he did the new prints of Welles's
> Othello the last time it was restored as well as performing wonders with
> The Deadman. Tony Landano remains a prince among men. Compassionate and
> dedicated. I once had a workprint stolen from where I was cutting it,
> involving hundreds if not thousands of feet of film; he gave me a new work
> print for nothing. No one at Lablink ever tried to convince me that
> something that was their mistake was right, or my fault. During the time I
> used their services they were a model motion picture lab. The loss will be
> greatly felt by all those who love film in New York and across the
> country.
> Keith Sanborn
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