From: Keith Sanborn (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 21 2007 - 20:02:18 PDT

Dear Frameworkers:

It is with genuine regret that I pass along the news the Lablink is
no more. Depending on who you talk to, it's either already closed, or
will close within 5 days. If you have elements stored there, run,
don't walk to retrieve them.

Tony and some of his crew will be working at DuArt in the near
future, I am told. Lablink was extremely helpful and congenial on
every occasion I availed myself of their services. Sharon was a
friendly face and an efficient and organized front desk person.
Norman was very knowledgeable and experienced and willing to share
that knowledge. Pete was one of the best timers ever, especially B&W:
he did the new prints of Welles's Othello the last time it was
restored as well as performing wonders with The Deadman. Tony Landano
remains a prince among men. Compassionate and dedicated. I once had a
workprint stolen from where I was cutting it, involving hundreds if
not thousands of feet of film; he gave me a new work print for
nothing. No one at Lablink ever tried to convince me that something
that was their mistake was right, or my fault. During the time I used
their services they were a model motion picture lab. The loss will be
greatly felt by all those who love film in New York and across the

Keith Sanborn

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