MondoHomo gets PinkEye Sunday July 1st!

From: Salon Cuir (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 21 2007 - 23:15:07 PDT

Okay, in addition to a MIND-BLOWING lineup of more than 83 queer
bands, performers, homohop artists, and more... check our website for
more details

...MondoHomo is also pleased as punch to present PinkEye Indie Queer
Movie Salon at Eyedrum Gallery, 4pm-7pm on Sunday July 1st, followed
by Jayne County, the Sexual Side Effects, and 3 dance-commandin' DJs!
It's the wind-down party of the season! Come enjoy a couple of low-
attention-span, popcorn-perfect indie queer shorts, all from the last
few years!

(Eyedrum is located at the intersection of MLK Dr. and Hill St., 1
block north of Memorial Dr. – 290 MLK Jr. Drive SE, Atl, GA 30312)

Here's what we've got in store for you, movie-wise...

This queerly cinematic program features videos that range from the
hot and sexy to the informative and inspiring, also diving into the
surreal and the darkly humorous along the way for good measure. These
movies represent the artistic expression of diverse queer filmmakers,
traversing the terrains of both the accessible and the experimental,
and offering socio-political voice to lesbians, gays, bisexuals,
transgender, BDSM, and all things queer! Last, but not least: All
films in this program are Atlanta premieres!

Somethin for the Fellas (That Like the Fellas)
Directed by Scott Video. 6 mins. 2007. USA. Shot on DV.
Jonny McGovern' is better known as "The Gay Pimp" and his newest
music video is sea of lusty jocks, skater boys, and smokin' drag
queens, all set to booty shakin' electronica. If you like it when
dudes get it on, then this is for you!

That's Unfortunate
Directed by Dean Hamer. 6 mins. 2005. USA. Shot on DV.
This testament to the struggles being fought every day within the
queer community profiles AIDS activists who storm the Family Research
Council in an attempt to address the fallacies of "abstinence only"
sex education.

Directed by Hima B. 10 mins. 2003. USA. Shot on DV.
What could be said to be the lesbian answer to Burroughs'/
Cronenberg's Naked Lunch, this film is a dark and kinky metaphor for
internalized homophobia. Parallels between insect behavior and female
mating rituals are made as a beetle-woman unsuspectingly participates
in her mate's metamorphosis.

Maggots and Men
Directed by Oakie Treadwell. 4 mins. 2007. USA. Shot on 16mm and 8mm.
This trailer for an upcoming experimental feature dismantles the
binary gender structure through historical—and homoerotic-- depiction
of 20th century Russian soldiers. Want to help produce or finance the
final feature project? Contact Oakie Treadwell at
email suppressed for more information.

Directed by Monica Enriques. 2 mins. 2007. USA. Shot on DV.
This film poetically gestures to the contradictions of what it means
to be a queer immigrant in the U.S. This homage to self-definition
and resistance displays the journey from experience to identity.

Directed by David M. Young. 8 mins. 2006. USA. Shot on DV.
Al likes Fred's online pics. Fred likes antique razors. And you're
invited to join a little shower party that is one hot mind fuck…

Wrong Bathroom
Directed by Shani Heckman. 8 mins. 2007. USA. Shot on DV.
Blending humor with formal interviews, Wrong Bathroom exposes the
battle for entry into gender specific restroom spaces for those who
don't fit society's dichotomous constructions.

Directed by Craig Parish. 7 mins. 2005. USA. Shot on DV.
Iconic L.A. image artist David Meanix demonstrates his haunting and
disturbing photo sculpture technique.

Cremmate: Muffy
Directed by Diane Wilkins. 3 mins. 2006. USA. Shot on DV.
We all know that lesbians just love their cats, but some couples
aren't satisfied with just keeping their passed pets in their
thoughts. When catastrophe strikes, innovation and a nice hot cup of
coffee save the day.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Slept Here
Directed by Jules Rosskam. 25 mins. 2007. USA. Shot on DV.
The intersections of class, race, and privelege are personified,
herem through the depiction of a very special friendship. This film's
charm rests in the fact that it presents a trans character whose
'transness' is never discussed, described, defined or questioned.
Paul is a one-of-a-kind character so far in filmmaking as his manhood
nor his body are ever legitimized.

Milonga Gay
Directed by Paul Chernosky. 5 mins. 2006. Argentina. Shot on DV.
This trailer for an upcoming documentary feature takes us to Buenos
Aires, Argentina and into the steamy atmosphere of the world's first
all gay tango club. Writhe to the beat! Want to help produce or
finance the final feature project? Contact Paul Chernosky at
email suppressed for more information.

Between the Boys
Directed by Jake Yuzna. 4 mins. 2006. USA. Shot on 16mm.
Between the sexual experimentation of adolescence and the world of
adult emotions, are taboos and secrets. This voyeuristic movie
carefully examines the gray area known to two teens in an awkward

Directed by Philippe Gosselin. 6 mins. 2004. USA. Shot on DV.
An inspiring tale of protest and determination, Chalk! details the
fight against a sidewalk chalking ban at Wesleyan University through
rocking testimony!

Directed by Grau Katt. 3 mins. 2007. USA. Shot on DV.
It always helps to promote bisexual visibility –and this little ditty
with nature loving bisexual campers is the just what the doctor
ordered to cure your binary misconceptions.

41 Seconds (41 Sekunden)
Directed by Tobias Martin & Rodney Sewell. 4 mins. 2006. Germany.
Shot on Super 16.
When a guy's girlfriend tells him that his best friend is a better
kisser than he is, there is only one thing to do. This scorchingly
hot piece of queer celluloid has amused and aroused men and women
from Berlin to Miami!

Directed by Pilou Miller. 14 mins. 2007. USA. Shot on DV.
WorkCamp is an insider's perspective on the 30 year-old Michigan
Women's Music Festival. As told by a ten year veteran festival worker
from Florida, this video is a love poem to feminism, a way of life,
and a tribe.

Don We Now
Directed by Jules Skloot. 2 mins. 2007. USA. Shot on DV.
A day in the life of a queer dancemaker, stop-motion style… Don we
now our gay apparel…

Team Queen
Directed by Leah Meyerhoff. 4 mins. 2007. USA. Shot on 35mm.
You are cordially invited to a gender-bending, fire breathing, post-
punk, burlesque, rock 'n roll prom! Look out for the nymphomaniac nerds!

Kat-I's Sex Stories
Directed by Kat-I. 6 mins. 2007. USA. Shot on DV.
What is your favorite sex toy story? Queers of all varieties share
their swinging adventures. Dr. Ruth beware.

Better Off Naked
Directed by Richard Dominguez. 3 mins. 2007. USA. Shot on DV.
Behold the auditory vision and hallucinatory visuals of Naked Highway!

Year of the Calf
8 min. of strange friendship. Directed by Ian Dunn.

Girl on Girl
Honest coupling of a bisexual sex trade worker and a virgin fag in
drag. Directed by Miss Nomer collective.

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Salon Cuir presents "Pink Eye", a monthly screening of independent
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Salon Cuir's monthly film series "Pink Eye" (presented at Eyedrum
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perverted or just plain hot! films and videos created by, about, or
aimed at, queers of all varieties.

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