looking for photos of experimental student filmmaking or campus film societes in late 1960s and 1970s

From: zryd (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Apr 20 2007 - 09:51:11 PDT

Hi Frameworkers,

I'm publishing an essay, "Experimental Film and the Development of Film
Study in America," in an anthology on the development of film studies,
coming out from Duke University Press next year. The basic argument is
that the artisanal, single person/small crew mode of experimental film
production, and campus film societies. were important parts of students'
embrace of film study in colleges and universities in the late 1960s and
through the 1970s.

There is some room for images to illustrate the essay, but I'm having a
tough time finding good and accessible images. The images I'm looking
for are images OF people making films, e.g., images of people with
cameras, etc. I'm also interested in images of campus film society
screenings, or anything else that documents film activity on campus
during this period. Frame enlargements or stills from student films are
not what I'm looking for, interesting though they may be.

The subject is not mainstream enough to find much from the major photo
agencies. There are some images published in the books that came out
during that period on the phenomenon (e.g., Thomas Fensch's _Films on
the Campus_ , _Films Deliver_, or G. Howard Poteet's _The Compleat Guide
to Film Study_ among many others) but in most cases the publishers no
longer exist and/or the reproduction quality is poor and/or there are no
photo credits for the scenes of college student filmmaking that appear
in the books.

Are there any veteran Frameworkers who might have photos from this
period who would be willing to have them reproduced? Full photo credits
will of course be provided and (small) fees can be negotiated.

Please contact me off-list if you have any images or contacts with
people who do.

Thank you,

Michael Zryd

Michael Zryd
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