LES INATTENDUS / independent cinema and video festival, 6th edition / CALL FOR ENTRIES

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Date: Fri Apr 20 2007 - 01:15:55 PDT

        Les Inattendus
      (very) independent cinema and video festival, 6th edition
      from the 21th to the 27th January 2008 in Lyon, France

      Les Inattendus non-competitive film festival exhibits artistically independent film and video work.

      There is no set theme and no limitations on length, genre, or format.
      Film and video, individual and collective works, workshop and school productions, documentaries, experimental, narrative, video-art, animation..... are all welcome.

      Given the profusion of short narrative films sent for selection, we would like to point out that fiction films entered this year should be of a resolutely experimental nature

      DEADLINE : 30TH JUNE 2007

      Viewing copies preferably on DVD

      Download entry form and regulations of the festival on the website www.inattendus.com , and send them back by email & post office.

        LES INATTENDUS 2008 - 6th edition
      Over the years the Inattendus festival has attempted to give films rarely taken into account by the cinema and television industry a chance to exist.

      We have never found a satisfactory name for these films. We have used the terms "nonstandard", "marginal", "experimental", definitions which we know are inadequate, given the diversity of the works, their strange variety, the fact that they are almost always the result of a singular experience, be it individual or collective.
      We do however feel that what holds these films together, however different their forms, is the ability of their makers to get around obstacles in precarious economic circumstances. However, just because a film is self produced or digitally created is no proof that it is engaged in a process of experimentation nor that it represents a challenge to general standardisation.
      The accessibility of digital devices alone does not suffice to produce new talent. It has nonetheless become fairly obvious that in order to continue make a living (or at least survive) from their art, more and more filmmakers now work single-handedly, shooting, recording sound, editing and producing by themselves.

      For those who have always worked in a fiercely independent manner, this is not necessarily a new situation. For those who consider cinema as a collective art, it is a mode of operation rooted in economic necessity as financial aid becomes less abundant and more precarious. This has resulted in new strategies of collective action, new ways of ensuring visibility.

      Previous editions of the festival have provided the opportunity for people and organisations involved in the production and distribution of non industrial cinema to meet and discuss, to engage in ongoing reflection and debate on the issues at stake, an activity which we intend to pursue in 2008.

      Since its beginnings in 1997, Les Inattendus has endeavoured to exhibit each film in its original format (video, film) and length, in the best audio and visual conditions possible. While digital technologies now also enable the reception of an ever growing number of works in a solitary environment (computer screen, mobile telephone.), the festival sets out to interrupt the flow for a while, becoming a space where the audience shares moments of vision with the authors and their works.

      We are based in the inner-city area of La Guillotière, where we organise cinema workshops and screenings throughout the year, which means we address a mixed audience composed of amateurs, specialists and the curious.

      With this mix of filmmakers, audiences, partner organisations and associations, Les Inattendus turns into a meeting place every two years, a forum, a place of exchange and festivity.


      Les Inattendus

      courrier/mail : BP 1117 - 69202 LYON cedex 01, FRANCE

      telephone/fax : 00-33-(0)4 78 61 71 18

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