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  Hi there,

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  I'm writing to inform you that now is a good time to renew your membership as the next four shows promise to be a lot of fun.

  First up this week is "Brakhage: Frame by Frame" - a two hour mutimedia extravaganza about the life, work and life-work of Stan Brakhage, grand-master of poetic cinema. The program includes 6 Brakhage shorts on 16mm film, including Door and The Dante Quartet, several interview excerpts with Brakhage, and a frame by frame analysis of some of his hand-painted short films. The films will be interspersed with an extensive commentary that aims to discover the meanings, methods and message behind the work of this unique filmmaker.

  The following week's program is entitled "City Symphonies" and looks at this rich micro-genre of the cinema that combines documentary, narrative and experimental techniques. If you like films like Koyanisqatsi, you will probably enjoy this program. City Symphonies date back to the silent film era and the silent films presented in this program will feature live musical accompaniment by the Chauvel Cinematheque Players.

  After that is a special program of propaganda films entitled "War Hot and Cold (mostly cold)" that will feature eight classics of persuasion and paranoia, including the Austrlain film "Menace" and teh Twilight Zone-esque, "Red Nightmare". The Monday screening will be introduced by David McKnight, an expert on Australian political history and the acclaimed author of Beyond Right and Left. Check out his website for more.

  The final program is entitled "Bygone Cinemas of Sydney" and is another multimedia extravaganza, presented by Australia's pre-eminent theatre historian, Ian Hansen. Ian will show films, slides and videos from his vast collection and talk about the great picture palaces that once graced the streets of Sydney. I think you will enjoy this nostalgic journey through a disappearing world.

  Anyway, plug's over. Hope to see you there. Screening times: Sat. at 1pm and Mon. 7pm sharp. More details are on the website or ask and I can send you the full program.

  Brett Garten
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For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.