From: Rob Gawthrop (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Apr 05 2007 - 05:55:58 PDT

Hull Film Presented in association with Seeds & Bridges.
FEEDBACK Visual Howl & Reflexive Music

  In 2004 an international array of musicians toured the UK under the
umbrella title of Feedback – Order from Noise. Included in the tour
was Toshimaru Nakamura with his No Input Mixing Desk who performed with
Billy Roisz who played live with video feedback. Coinciding with their
visit to Hull (Monday 16th April at Timebase, High Street) this
programme brings together a number of works that exploit both the
conceptual and expressive qualities of feedback, plus a new live
performance work by Pete McPartlan.

NOTES ON A LINE David Leister UK, 1987, sound, B&W, 12 mins, 16mm
Featuring Aleks Kolkowski (violin) and Alex Maguire (piano) recorded on
film playing live to a silent film of themselves playing. Image and
music progressively overlap until they act as one.

PHASED TIME2 David Hall UK, 1974, sound, colour, 12 mins, 16mm
Systems music for film. Each of six two minute sections of a pan
around a room and with synthesiser and organ notes are matted and
superimposed upon its predecessor producing visual and aural phase

FILM FEEDBACK Tony Conrad USA, 1974, silent, colour, 14 mins, 16mm
Produced from an event where the projected image was a film of its self

MONITOR 1 Steve Partridge UK, 1975, 6 mins, video
Monitor 1 exploits the formal properties of video feedback.

WHAT IS SOUL? David Blandy UK, 2002, 3 mins, video
David Blandy puts on a record and gives an impassioned performance in
his bedroom of What is Soul? however we only hear Ben E King singing.

VIOLIN POWER Steina Vasulka USA, 1970-78, 10 mins, video
Steina Vasulka describes this process piece as a demo on how to play
video on the violin.

AVVA:ragtag Billy Roisz, Sound:Toshimaru Nakamura Austria/Japan 2006,
5 mins video

SOURCES Billy Roisz Austria 2004, 12min video
Produced from the soundchecks of eight musicians: Andréa Neumann,
Annette Krebs, Axel Dörner, Martin Siewert, Martin Brandlmayr, Otomo
Yoshihide, Rossi, Sachiko M.

PERFORMANCE Pete McPartlan UK 2007 20 mins live video & electronics
This performance will utilise the electrical processes integral to
analogue video players, TVs and tape-recorders to combine and interlock
sound and vision.

Programmed by Rob Gawthrop.

University of Lincoln | George Street | Hull | HU1 3BW |
Thursday 19th April 2007 7:30PMEntry: £5.00(£4.50*)/£4.00(£3.50*)concs
Supported by Arts Council England and Screen Yorkshire.

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