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Careful you don't get removed from frameworks, gyoungblood...

looks like you were trying to escape the chauvel cinematheque list...


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> Hi there,
> If you are receiving this email it means that you are, or have been
> at some point, a member of the Chauvel Cinematheque. If you wish to
> be removed from this mailing list, please reply with the word
> "remove" in the subject heading.
> I'm writing to inform you that now is a good time to renew your
> membership as the next four shows promise to be a lot of fun.
> First up this week is "Brakhage: Frame by Frame" - a two hour
> mutimedia extravaganza about the life, work and life-work of Stan
> Brakhage, grand-master of poetic cinema. The program includes 6
> Brakhage shorts on 16mm film, including Door and The Dante Quartet,
> several interview excerpts with Brakhage, and a frame by frame
> analysis of some of his hand-painted short films. The films will be
> interspersed with an extensive commentary that aims to discover the
> meanings, methods and message behind the work of this unique
> filmmaker.
> The following week's program is entitled "City Symphonies" and
> looks at this rich micro-genre of the cinema that combines
> documentary, narrative and experimental techniques. If you like
> films like Koyanisqatsi, you will probably enjoy this program. City
> Symphonies date back to the silent film era and the silent films
> presented in this program will feature live musical accompaniment
> by the Chauvel Cinematheque Players.
> After that is a special program of propaganda films entitled "War
> Hot and Cold (mostly cold)" that will feature eight classics of
> persuasion and paranoia, including the Austrlain film "Menace" and
> teh Twilight Zone-esque, "Red Nightmare". The Monday screening will
> be introduced by David McKnight, an expert on Australian political
> history and the acclaimed author of Beyond Right and Left. Check
> out his website for more.
> The final program is entitled "Bygone Cinemas of Sydney" and is
> another multimedia extravaganza, presented by Australia's pre-
> eminent theatre historian, Ian Hansen. Ian will show films, slides
> and videos from his vast collection and talk about the great
> picture palaces that once graced the streets of Sydney. I think you
> will enjoy this nostalgic journey through a disappearing world.
> Anyway, plug's over. Hope to see you there. Screening times: Sat.
> at 1pm and Mon. 7pm sharp. More details are on the website or ask
> and I can send you the full program.
> Regards,
> Brett Garten
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For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.