DVD Labels

From: gyoungblood (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 15 2007 - 07:55:14 PST

Can someone please advise the best way to print text on clear CD/DVD labels? It's for my personal archive, so I print only one label per title, but there are a lot of titles and I want to do this at home. I have good software for designing the labels, so I'm not looking for software recommendations. I use Taiyo Yuden media, I'm happy with them and I don't intend to change. I'm only asking what's the best way to print crisp, vibrant two- or three-color text (not images) on clear labels, or, alternatively, directly on the thermal laquer silver disc.

1. Which is better for clear labels, inkjet or laser, or does it matter?

2. What's the best way to affix labels onto the disc? Is there something better than the little stompers at Office Depot?
3. What's a good online source for high quality clear labels in bulk?

4. Are labels necessary, or can I print directly on my Taiyo Yuden thermal laquer silver discs? If so, what's the best
    printer for this, and is the quality as good as printing on a clear label (or maybe better)?

I will appreciate any advice on this...thanks.
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