Re: DVD Labels

From: Jorge Amaro (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 15 2007 - 08:24:18 PST

I think you need special dvd's for printing, i dont know if that
particular brand as that kind, when I need to do that I use
'Lightscribe' which is a feature my computer dvd recorder has that
inscribes the title in the disc, but you need a specific
recorder/media to do it. That media costs a bit more than the usual
recordable discs.


On 15/02/07, gyoungblood <email suppressed> wrote:
> Frameworkers,
> Can someone please advise the best way to print text on clear CD/DVD labels?
> It's for my personal archive, so I print only one label per title, but there
> are a lot of titles and I want to do this at home. I have good software for
> designing the labels, so I'm not looking for software recommendations. I use
> Taiyo Yuden media, I'm happy with them and I don't intend to change. I'm
> only asking what's the best way to print crisp, vibrant two- or three-color
> text (not images) on clear labels, or, alternatively, directly on the
> thermal laquer silver disc.
> 1. Which is better for clear labels, inkjet or laser, or does it matter?
> 2. What's the best way to affix labels onto the disc? Is there something
> better than the little stompers at Office Depot?
> 3. What's a good online source for high quality clear labels in bulk?
> 4. Are labels necessary, or can I print directly on my Taiyo Yuden thermal
> laquer silver discs? If so, what's the best
> printer for this, and is the quality as good as printing on a clear
> label (or maybe better)?
> I will appreciate any advice on this...thanks.
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