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From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Feb 14 2007 - 03:21:37 PST

--- flick harrison <email suppressed> wrote:

> FYI, those who wonder about the future of this list:
> I'm finding it amazing!

I love this list too!

I went through some nasty bullying a while back where
I live which was kind of the last straw that broke the
camels back for me, as I already had severe none film
related problems. I became really dissilusioned with
the world of experimental film and video, and even
started to destroy my work with the intention to
forget all about experimental filmmaking and get on
with something else (not sure what exactly but there
we are). Thankfully I was interuppted in the act by a
phone call, so mostly only destroyed some earlier
video work that I did and partially destroyed some
work I had nearly finished.

I did go to unsubscribe from the list and actually did
for a couple of days or so, but then I read some of my
unread postings and it turned me around and I

It's been nearly 5 months since then and I've not made
any work since to speak of. However I still read
frameworks which has become my main connection to
experimental film and video.

I've only recently come to realise that I've been
having a bit of a nervous breakdown from the stress of
all the stuff raining down on me.

Recently a few people have been helping me get back on
my feet again and I may even start working on
something again who knows. :)

Anyway I do think it's helped being on the list as
there are all kinds of people on the list and in my
opinion we generally have a positive atmosphere
overall, tho some would disagree with me. ;)

Frameworks has helped me stay connected and to see the
positive side of things. I've had an idealised view of
the world of the experimental film world and I've come
down to earth with a bang, or maybe one of those
unpleasant dull thuds. Nothing is perfect, we do the
best we can.
> I've been making films for years but never looked
> into this list.
> Heard about it from Al Razutis.

Welcome to frameworks! :)

> Since the Blinding Light in Vancouver shut down,
> there's been
> community paralysis here. (Vancouverites on this
> list, please correct
> me). A lot of active folks shut down along with the
> BL, since BYO
> venue was the only option left. Pacific
> Cinematheque and the new
> Vancouver Independent Film Centre (run by the VIFF)
> have limited room
> for local artists, usually only after they get some
> broader recognition.

I'm really lucky as where I live there are regular
screenings now of experimental film and video. All
kinds of magical stuff, There is an event called Olsen
that Happens in a Real cinema with a curtain and a
little box outside to sell the tickets from. (just
like you see in old movies!) It has gas lighting and
the Olsen people sell really yummy cake! There is also
a wonderful experimental film and video festival
called Evolution. Great stuff run by lovely people.

I do sympathise with your plight. Maybe you can find
some nice people and you can all work together to help
one another and make something new happen where you
live. If not there is still this list!
> It's nice to know SOMEONE SOMEWHERE is showing
> experimental films,
> for pete's sakes.
> Don't! Give! Up!


Frameworks is good. Personally I love the sense of
community and the refrences to real lives that people
have and the screenings that people have been to. It
makes up somewhat for the lack of community there is
out there in the "real world". I also love the dry
academic type text stuff. I like to spend time reading
it and trying to understand what people mean. It's
like a strange riddle only you can learn things from
it! I like the technical discussions, you never know
what you might learn that might be useful. I like to
hear about film screenings that people have been to
even tho theres a good chance I will never see the
films. Frameworks is great! It's just that sometimes
the balance of all these things isn't right as
postings are fairly random and of course there are
sometimes disagreements that end up being of a
personal nature (eeek!).

People worry about it a lot and there are sometimes
referances to the "golden age of frameworks" ;) but
its not got that bad yet(!!) or all these people would
have unsubscribed. I bet even Fred Camper is on here
somewhere (Hiya Fred!), Just hiding and waiting for
the right kind of discussion to pop up.

To all the naysayers out there, ;) I would say that
frameworks is made up of its contributors, so if you
feel it isn't right, get in there and contribute
something that is! :)

We had a bit of a bad start to the year, in all kinds
of ways but we are going to be fine I'm sure.

Me too I hope, just give me time. I'm getting there
slowly with the help of the good people.

Take care all of you.



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