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From: flick harrison (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 13 2007 - 19:17:20 PST

FYI, those who wonder about the future of this list:

I'm finding it amazing!

I've been making films for years but never looked into this list.
Heard about it from Al Razutis.

Just seeing this global network in play is worth the ticket price
($0, ha ha).

Since the Blinding Light in Vancouver shut down, there's been
community paralysis here. (Vancouverites on this list, please correct
me). A lot of active folks shut down along with the BL, since BYO
venue was the only option left. Pacific Cinematheque and the new
Vancouver Independent Film Centre (run by the VIFF) have limited room
for local artists, usually only after they get some broader recognition.

It's nice to know SOMEONE SOMEWHERE is showing experimental films,
for pete's sakes.

Don't! Give! Up!


On 13-Feb-07, at 6:49 PM, Jorge Amaro wrote:

> Hi,
> Ricardo Matos Cabo from Portugal has presented some films of Teo
> Hernandez, but i have no idea how to contact him, i can try getting
> his email if you like.
> Jorge
> On 14/02/07, programming <email suppressed> wrote:
>> Hi Jesse,
>> There are at least two books on Hernandez (in Italian and French,
>> I think or
>> maybe the same book but in each language?). I have at home so
>> don't have
>> titles/authors/etc. here and won't be back at email for almost a
>> week.
>> Email me directly next week if you have not tracked down by then.
>> I believe the person to talk to about Hernandez is Yann Beauvais.
>> He'll
>> likely have good information.
>> Pip also probably knows what's what.
>> Best,
>> --
>> Patrick Friel
>> Program Director
>> Chicago Filmmakers
>> 5243 N. Clark St.
>> Chicago, IL 60640
>> (773) 293-1447 phone
>> .On 2/13/07 7:16 PM, "Jesse Lerner" <email suppressed> wrote:
>> > Does anyone know of a curator or scholar who's worked with the
>> films
>> > of Teo Hernandez? As far as I can gather, his films (close to two
>> > hundred of them) and notebooks (thousands of pages of writings)
>> are on
>> > deposit at the Centre Pompidou. I'm looking for somebody who's
>> > familiar with these materials. Any leads are appreciated.
>> > thanks,
>> > Jesse
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