Re: Teo Hernandez

From: miriam jayne martins sampaio (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Feb 14 2007 - 02:10:22 PST

hello jesse

i have ricardo's phone number .....but he is leaving today for paris to work a program - 351 91 453 4551. I can also get you his email. just give me a couple of hours to do that.


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Subject:  Re: Teo Hernandez
Date:  Wed, 14 Feb 2007 02:49:34 +0000
>Ricardo Matos Cabo from Portugal has presented some films of Teo
>Hernandez, but i have no idea how to contact him, i can try getting
>his email if you like.
>On 14/02/07, programming <(address suppressed)> wrote:
>>Hi Jesse,
>>There are at least two books on Hernandez (in Italian and French, I
>>think or
>>maybe the same book but in each language?).  I have at home so
>>don't have
>>titles/authors/etc. here and won't be back at email for almost a
>>Email me directly next week if you have not tracked down by then.
>>I believe the person to talk to about Hernandez is Yann Beauvais.  
>>likely have good information.
>>Pip also probably knows what's what.
>>Patrick Friel
>>Program Director
>>Chicago Filmmakers
>>5243 N. Clark St.
>>Chicago, IL 60640
>>(773) 293-1447 phone
>>.On 2/13/07 7:16 PM, "Jesse Lerner" <(address suppressed)> wrote:
>> > Does anyone know of a curator or scholar who's worked with the
>> > of Teo Hernandez?  As far as I can gather, his films (close to
>> > hundred of them) and notebooks (thousands of pages of writings)
>>are on
>> > deposit at the Centre Pompidou.  I'm looking for somebody who's
>> > familiar with these materials.  Any leads are appreciated.
>> > thanks,
>> > Jesse
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