Re: film and pesticides

From: amanda christie (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Feb 04 2007 - 20:00:02 PST

Hi Alain,

thanks for the prompt reply
(i think you and i met in portland last fall... i was
the canadian who came down for the 10skies screening)

anyhow... in response and with further questions....

> Are your film elements micro-climatized?

hmmm... that depends on what that means... they are in
unsealed plastic bags inside metal cans... and the
metal cans are taped shut with camera tape.

> Do you have everything sealed in metal cans
> (non-vented)

i'm assuming that regular metal cans are non-vented?
is that true? what are vented cans?

> with molecular
> seives,

what are molecular seives?
and where can i get them?
this sounds interesting....

>and the cans taped shut?

only the negs and originals... not release prints and
oh... and does the same apply for mag sound?

thanks so much for the helpful info!


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