Re: reg 8mm dupe negs

From: amanda christie (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Feb 04 2007 - 20:10:56 PST

> Pitch is the distance from a perf's edge to the same
> edge of the next
> perf. (Horizontal edge, obviously.) In 16mm camera
> original, it's .
> 2994 inches, in 8mm it's .15 inches, and in 35mm
> camera original
> it's .1866 inches.

okay... that's making sense slowly to me... just
trying to grasp it...
if the perfs are the same size... and you can run
unsplit 8 through a 16 projector... then how can the
distance be different? wouldn't it create a huge
difference over the length of hundreds of feet of
film? not sure if i'm wording my question right....

> > can i contact print a neg on regular 16mm stock???
> What would you do with it? Print it onto 16mm
> stock? How would you
> show it?

i would show it as 16mm... or actually, i'm not
looking to show the print... you see, i want to work
with these images thrugh various optical printing
techniques to create new images... but i don't want to
damage the original kodachrome... that's why i want a
dupe 16mm neg... so that i can make 16mm prints that i
can work with (using both an oxberry optical printer,
and my analysis projector for rear projection since it
shows the whole film width edgecode and all) without
risk to damaging the original.

these films were never meant to be shown as 8mm
format... that's why i didn't have them split.

> > i've got access to optical printers.... but i just
> > don't want the added grain... but since you
> mention
> > him... who is bill brand and do you have his
> contact
> > info? i'm always interested in finding out who's
> > optically printing and where these days.
> Well, you are really saying you don't want added
> resolution! Contact
> printing causes a loss of resolution due to printer
> slip. and the
> smaller the format the worse the loss.

16mm to 16mm....
my options are contact print, or optically print.
i would assume that optical printing would have more
loss of quality due to the intermediary lens....
correct me if i'm wrong though.

thanks again for the info.


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