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Are your film elements micro-climatized?

Do you have everything sealed in metal cans (non-vented) with molecular
seives, and the cans taped shut? I'd recommend doing this as any chemicals
(pesticide or otherwise) will interact with the film's chemistry. The
micro climate with the seive both protects from the film off gasing as
well as airborne chemicals in the surrounding environment from getting to
the film.

I seal all of my negs and originals in cans with seives, and change the
seives once a year due to the temperature change in my studio... humidty
is relatively stable but temperature fluctuates 30 degrees every six
months (from about 55-60 degrees in winter, to sometimes up to 85-90 in
the summer). I might even start changing the seives every 6 months, since
they are cheap to purchase and the film elements are irreplacable.

One way to determine the time to replace a seive is by weight, but I don't
bother. Kodak literature says a seive is good for 2-3 years in good
storage conditions (stable low temp and humidty), but John Pytlak
suggested a shorter interval for me given my storage conditions. I think
the seives are something like $30 for a paint can full of packets. One
packet is good for a 400' - 1000' roll of film.


> hey folks....
> strange question here.
> anyone know the effects of pesticides on film?
> i'm assuming it can't be good.
> i'm going to amsterdam from feb. 12 - 20... and while
> i'm away, apparently my landlord will be spraying all
> of the apartments in this building due to a bed bug
> infestation.... ~sigh~ welcome to vancouver's east
> side.....
> anyhow... just wondering if i'll have to move all of
> my film prints and negs out of my apartment and down
> to my studio..... that'll be a lot of moving.... i'm
> assuming i'll have to... but just wondering if anyone
> has any experience with this or not.
> i don't know what kind of pesticides they'll be
> spraying.
> ~ick!~
> amanda christie
> vancouver

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