Re: reg 8mm dupe negs

From: amanda christie (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Feb 04 2007 - 17:58:31 PST

thanks jeff!

three more questions....

> > than 16mm and that the sprocket holes are smaller.
> The sprocket holes are the same,

but in terms of size.... when i look at them... they
seem to be the same height... and yes... twice as
many... but the 8mm holes seem to be ever so slightly
narrower.... (width wise, not height wise)... am i
wrong? and if not, does this even matter?

> up on the sprocket teeth, making the inter-tooth
> distance (pitch)
> greater.

and speaking of pitch... i haven't had to deal with
this much before... and i have a vague idea as to what
it might mean... and as to what "inter-tooth distance"
might mean... but i am not entirely sure.... could you
please explain to me in greater detail what exactly
"pitch" is? if you don't mind of course... it would
be very much appreciated....

> Stocks with 8mm perfs
> will be special order, with large orders required.
> Not likely to
> happen often.

can i contact print a neg on regular 16mm stock???

> Your best and most affordable bet is to either use a
> JK optical
> printer and make 16mm internegs (or get Bill Brand,
> BBOptics, to do
> it)

i've got access to optical printers.... but i just
don't want the added grain... but since you mention
him... who is bill brand and do you have his contact
info? i'm always interested in finding out who's
optically printing and where these days.

once again,

thanks so much!


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