Re: reg 8mm dupe negs

From: Jeff Kreines (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Feb 04 2007 - 16:00:56 PST

On Feb 4, 2007, at 5:48 PM, amanda christie wrote:

> just wondering if anyone has any leads on labs that
> can make interpos and dupe negs from unsplit regular
> 8mm kodachrome (16mm width with extra sprocket holes).
> the labs here in vancouver won't do it because they
> say that the pitch on unsplit regular 8mm is different
> than 16mm and that the sprocket holes are smaller.

The sprocket holes are the same, but there are twice as many.
However, I am pretty sure the 8mm material (since it's designed for
projection) may have a .1500" pitch, which is equal to 16mm print
stock's .3000 pitch, whereas 16mm camera stocks have a .2994 pitch --
designed to be inside the printer gate sprocket sandwiched with .3000
pitch stock on the outside --- the longer pitch is required because
the layer of film on the inside pushes the print stock on the outside
up on the sprocket teeth, making the inter-tooth distance (pitch)
> is it possible to make interpos and dupe negs through
> contact printing at a lab... or am i just going to
> have to optically print my own copies and bite the
> grainy bullet?

First, Interpositives are a step in printing from color negatives --
neg, IP, dupe neg, print. With reversal the steps are reversal
original, internegative, print. No IP's used. Stocks with 8mm perfs
will be special order, with large orders required. Not likely to
happen often.

Your best and most affordable bet is to either use a JK optical
printer and make 16mm internegs (or get Bill Brand, BBOptics, to do
it) or to digitally scan the 8mm original at high res -- 1200 x 1600
or so -- and use the digital file to either go back to film or work
digitally. I know, that's controversial, but small format projection
(including 16mm) is disappearing from many venues.

Jeff "16mm dupes will preserve the quality better than 8mm dupes"

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