Re: HH - response

From: Jack Sargeant (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 23 2007 - 14:39:51 PST

colonize, as in take something over and put your own meaning onto it.
i.e seeing somebody's death as having a meaning for your life despite
not knowing them.
using it to say you hate things and so on.
i didn't tell anybody how to feel, i merely questioned reading bigger
meanings into those feelings, or projecting personal feelings about
something else into those feelings, hence my use of the word colonize.
your fundamental inability to understand the difference between
colonize and canonise is typical of the blather you post.

my reference to diana was simply because i saw then people projecting
their own feelings and anxieties and so on into somebody else in much
the same way as i believed freya was doing.

i changed the list of the strand out of respect for HH's friends.
That isn't academic, just polite.

i actually did acknowledge in a post here that my first email was
perhaps too harsh in terminology to freya, beyond that i don't think
i have anything to apologise for.

other references in my post were linked to previous comments in the

i find your use of "patriarchal" to be pointless - along with other
'insults' you have thrown around here such as "white", "bloodless"
and "police man" - i am not sure why i am such, presumably for
complaining on another strand here about the uncritical use of
psychoanalysis in some 70s feminist film theory? or because i voice
opinions contrary to your own?

too bad you don't actually read or think about what people post, it
would save everybody a lot of time.


On 24 Jan 2007, at 04:39, Cari Machet wrote:

> "collonize"
> did u mean canonize?
> (saint jack)
> and changing the header is so just academic
> (par for this list)
> just bcause someone asked doesn't mean everyone has to bow
> isn't that the sort of thing u where arguing about in the first
> place jack?
> (lets not even talk about what ur doing being like what ur
> complaining about - or worse
> - telling people how they should feel/ reacte...)
> and
> just bcause ur having post traumatic stress fr: the wake of the
> death of diana
> doesn't mean ur response to others response to death
> has to also have post traumatic stress tendencies
> and anyway
> i super think u miss the point of most peoples unhappiness
> regarding the deaths
> it is a reaction to an injustice
> much is questioned
> (people that r 'good' die and people that r monstrous live on etc....)
> also using ur 'conclusion' that was oh so perfect to detour all ur
> bashing of freya
> well...
> i am sorry but ur not dealing w/ third graders (or dogs) here but...
> i have said it b4 and will again i assume
> - jack is bad -
> maybe u could analyze ur patriarchal tendencies
> (which include not apologizing or ever admitting u could possibly b
> wrong in some way)
> and possibly tie them into some real problems that have been
> constructed by such tendencies
> and maybe change
> c
> On 1/23/07, amanda christie <email suppressed> wrote:
> thank you jack, for chaning the title of the thread.
> much appreciated.
> i don't mind following the discussion now.
> amanda
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