Re: HH - response

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 23 2007 - 15:53:24 PST

On 1/23/07, Jack Sargeant <email suppressed> wrote:
> colonize, as in take something over and put your own meaning onto it. i.eseeing somebody's death as having a meaning for your life despite not
> knowing them.
> using it to say you hate things and so on.

such a pathetic leap of the use of the word
and just super off
so because i did not "know" personally or ever meet MLK his death
and the manner in which he died
should have no "meaning for" my life
- illogical - and sick -

i didn't tell anybody how to feel, i merely questioned

such a meager little nymph

reading bigger meanings into those feelings, or projecting personal feelings
> about something else into those feelings, hence my use of the word
> colonize.
> your fundamental inability to understand the difference between colonize
> and canonise is typical of the blather you post.

i do understand the difference
(u seem to not understand that i understand)
i was questioning ur use
because i actually have a brain that i use
and i am capable of questioning ur "text"
that u see it as blather says more about ur intelligence level
than my posts

my reference to diana was simply because i saw then people projecting their
> own feelings and anxieties and so on into somebody else in much the same way
> as i believed freya was doing.

yay people can actually feel stuff
(maybe sometimes it is easier to feel grief
for others than themselves for their own lives - for the injustice they
suffer thru)
the masses yay they are told to connect w/ specific energies
and they do it like sheep
and believe their life has no meaning - believe in stars
what does that have to do w/ freya?
i don't see the connection u r making
freya is not about the masses
not my experience of freya
perhaps u could have spoken about this matter
without bringing her into it

i changed the list of the strand out of respect for HH's friends. That isn't
> academic, just polite.

i think it is academic
i think u were being polite
one does not make the other impossible

> i actually did acknowledge in a post here that my first email was perhaps
> too harsh in terminology to freya, beyond that i don't think i have anything
> to apologise for.

"perhaps too harsh in terminology"
wow your really are stretching upward there - with feeeeliings tooo!!
the narcissistic mirror has a crack/bend/scratch -
the shiney surface dulling?

other references in my post were linked to previous comments in the strand.
> i find your use of "patriarchal" to be pointless - along with other
> 'insults' you have thrown around here such as "white", "bloodless" and
> "police man" - i am not sure why i am such, presumably for complaining on
> another strand here about the uncritical use of psychoanalysis in some 70s
> feminist film theory? or because i voice opinions contrary to your own?

no - the 70's (actually 80's) film theory thing i didn't super disagree w/ u
that u don't 'understand' why i would post any of those comments
or can even surface ur brain activity to perhaps take a look as to why
speaks only to my suredness of the matter
that u don't actually endure talking about mourning and death
and expand but shrink within ur posts is suspect

too bad you don't actually read or think about what people post, it would
> save everybody a lot of time.
> jack

is this ur standing argument for everyone that disagrees w/ u
that they don't read what is posted?

i am not in any way concerned about others time
i am not responsible for other peoples activities in any way
nor am i responsible for their feelings
- i and others cannot make anyone feel anything -
to think that i am in any way is patriarchal - narcissistic - egocentric
(and i could go on with allot of 'bad' words)
that u don't understand these types of realities
like personal responsibility
just harkens back to my original response
to ur post
- please go to therapy -

good luck


On 24 Jan 2007, at 04:39, Cari Machet wrote:
> "collonize"
> did u mean canonize?
> (saint jack)
> and changing the header is so just academic
> (par for this list)
> just bcause someone asked doesn't mean everyone has to bow
> isn't that the sort of thing u where arguing about in the first place
> jack?
> (lets not even talk about what ur doing being like what ur complaining
> about - or worse
> - telling people how they should feel/ reacte...)
> and
> just bcause ur having post traumatic stress fr: the wake of the death of
> diana
> doesn't mean ur response to others response to death
> has to also have post traumatic stress tendencies
> and anyway
> i super think u miss the point of most peoples unhappiness regarding the
> deaths
> it is a reaction to an injustice
> much is questioned
> (people that r 'good' die and people that r monstrous live on etc....)
> also using ur 'conclusion' that was oh so perfect to detour all ur bashing
> of freya
> well...
> i am sorry but ur not dealing w/ third graders (or dogs) here but...
> i have said it b4 and will again i assume
> - jack is bad -
> maybe u could analyze ur patriarchal tendencies
> (which include not apologizing or ever admitting u could possibly b wrong
> in some way)
> and possibly tie them into some real problems that have been constructed
> by such tendencies
> and maybe change
> c
> On 1/23/07, amanda christie <email suppressed> wrote:
> >
> > thank you jack, for chaning the title of the thread.
> > much appreciated.
> >
> > i don't mind following the discussion now.
> >
> > amanda
> >
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