Re: + DVD trade??

From: Klaus W. Eisenlohr (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Oct 20 2006 - 03:51:23 PDT

>and Klaus... I've been meaning to write you a private
>message and havn't got about to it, and I'm still not
>going to right now as I'm not up to it. However I did
>want to say how much I liked getting your dvd with the
>little message inside. It did make me smile when I got
>it. Hope things are groovy in Berlin.
>Take care everyone.

Hi Freya,
THanks for the personal note. It's so nice, I was
not reading frameworks for quite a long time,
just being overwhelmed with other stuff: happens!
And just that I read a few lines again, I got your note. How nice!

To everyone:
My results of the trading list so far: I sent out
some 20+ DVDs and received, I believe something
like 4 back in response.
My comment to the proposed circulating system: I
am sceptical this would fail as well, people have
much more to feel part of a community and be
reliable for the circulation, I believe.
Although I spent quite some money on it, I do not
believe that cost is actually a reason: as a
filmmaker you possibly send out so much stuff
with NOTHING in return that it was worth trying.
Anyone who still feels like sending me some
stuff, please send it to the following temporary
address. Thanks,

until December 31st, 2006: artist-in-residence at HIAP, Helsinki
postal address:
Klaus W. Eisenlohr
c/o HIAP Artists
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00180 Helsinki
phone: +358-(0)50-930 5965
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Kaapelitehdas/ Cable Factory
4th floor, Staircase C
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