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From: Lundgren (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Oct 20 2006 - 02:48:27 PDT

The price isn't the same everywere.

If I was supposed to send a disc with a keep-case outside of Europe the
price would be at least 7 USD including shipping, disc and keep-case.

For a disc alone the shipping would be approx. 1.33 or 3.33, depending on
the weight (up to 20 gram respectively 100gram).

Björn Lundgren

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> on the theory that it 'costs' too much to trade dvd's
> it costs 20 cents to burn a dvd-r and 87 cents to mail one
> there are thousands of 'kids' accross the country who manage to engage in
> this type of trading culture with self produced music/mail art. in general
> the ethos is if someone sends you something you send them something back,
> even if it's just a postcard to say, 'yo i got yer stuff it rulz...don't
> have anything new now but when i do i'll send you some shit'
> if yer into it yer into, it if not that's ok but perhaps don't front. i
> don't think that the theory was ever that you had to send something to
> everybody on the list, but rather pick a few names at random pack up an
> envelope and wait and see what comes yer way. karma is relevent. up with
> community, down with limited edition scarcity logic.
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>>On Thu, 19 Oct 2006, ben russell wrote:
>>>... the promise of the dvd trade may very well have
>>>been a false one...
>>>not to call anyone out
>>>but suffice to say that i'm still waiting on 10+ traders to reciprocate
>>>-ben russell
>> hi, analyzing this program early
>> on, I realized that there was
>> inherent logistical problems that
>> were going to present themselves sooner
>> or later.
>> the reason why was: directly, its too expensive
>> to make so many copies of one's work, and
>> then mail them out to all the people
>> in the exchange.
>> I proposed, internally, to create
>> an alternate system where the participants
>> would, rather than exchange, would
>> share the dvds, in a ring type fashion.
>> in this alternate program, a member
>> would create a smaller subset of
>> dvds, maybe only 3, and send them off
>> to a group on the list. these people
>> would then view and hold and then send
>> them off to the people would wanted them
>> next.
>> it would work essentially as netflix
>> does, but instead of mailing back to
>> a centralized netflix service, you'd mail
>> them directly to the people who requested.
>> there would be a database that would
>> help to track and channel who got
>> what and how.
>> I would write the webservice program to
>> do this.
>> now, of course, the issue is that the
>> program could only work in as
>> far as people participated in so far
>> as they updated the dvd tracking information,
>> and resent the materials in a timely
>> fashion.
>> now, I understand how and why the
>> initial program was created the way it
>> was created - but also immediately
>> understood that the monetary and other
>> logistical barriers
>> to really get it work sucessfully were
>> simply to high.
>> the program I describe is pretty low
>> threshold & I think could potentially help
>> to get the works to circulate in a
>> more efficient manner.
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