Re: + DVD trade??

From: Philip Hood (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Oct 20 2006 - 08:13:44 PDT

On Fri, 20 Oct 2006, Klaus W. Eisenlohr wrote:

> ... My comment to the proposed circulating system: I am
> sceptical this would fail
> as well, people have much more to feel part of a community
> and be reliable
> for the circulation, I believe ...

hello all,

         since there's no pointed
         opposition & there seems to be some
         support, I'm going to try to build this
         networked tool that will essentially act
         as an decentralized netflix for the

         I'll call it FRAMEFLIX. Basically
         each person will send out 3 or so
         copies of their films, and, then,
         after they've recieved a film, they
         will pass it along to the next person
         on the list. In this manner, with
         hope, the films will circulate and
         everyone will get to see the others

         Furthermore, we should be able to
         see at any glance who has a film.
         We should also be able to track the
         trajectory of a film, to find out where
         a breakdown happened.

         should someone want to have an actual
         copy of the artists film, they can
         then contact the artist and work something
         out between them.
         They could possibly just keep it, maybe
         send the artist some cash or etc, and
         have the artist mail to the next person
         on the queue. etc. In this manner we
         can keep the relative cost and effort at getting
         a working and circulating library moving
         around low and accessible to everybody.

         I'm in Boston this weekend but when
         I return I'll start to code this
         up. I think it can and will work.
         I think that the capitalist model
         of netflix is a quite successful one
         (although I'm not a member),
         and theres no reason on god's earth
         why we can't extend that - and even
         make it better - to a community
         based and shared approach model, with the
         pointed goals of bringing the threshold
         of overall cost of circulating the
         work down, and with the general goal of
         increasting accessibility.

         The only reason why it wouldn't work is if:

         1. people who
         join the list don't initially send
         out a few DVDs - which I'm sure is
         not going to happen, or

         2. people decide
         to sit on the DVDs and not pass them
         on to the next person - this is
         a real possibility - but,

         because we'll all be able to see who had
         what, there'll be some degree of open
         accounting that will take place. It
         will also be relatively easy for
         one to package and resend the
         dvds (maybe).


For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.