Re: + DVD trade??

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Oct 20 2006 - 01:48:28 PDT

--- ben russell <email suppressed> wrote:

> frameworkers (philip, freya, xander, et al)
> at the risk of extending this discussion
> into a pedantic conversation about community
> protocol
> i just wanted to say that xander's point is well
> taken -
> postcards, e-mails, and the like are always fair
> substitutes
> for delayed dvd communiques of any form...

Yes but people may be thinking they are going to sort
something out in the near future, they probably aren't
going to but they think they are.

> i'm straddling both fences
> but in all cases i just want to see folks' work
> especially when their dvds come in beautiful
> hand-silkscreened cases
> with pop-up parts
> (trade with xander and you'll know what i'm talking
> about)

Ah! It sounds like Xander is one of the people who
sent me discs without contact details. The cases
aren't silkscreened right? Just the artwork inside? I
can't imagine there is more than one person doing
pop-up artwork?

Maybe you can contact me off-list Xander and send me
some contact details. That one was the real mystery as
there was nothing on it to indicate who made it at
all, whereas I'm sure I can track down the other
people who sent me a disc by searching the archive at
some point.

Right I'm going to run upstairs and try and render
some kind of disc or it will never get done.



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