Re: "How to" buy/rent films on 16mm

From: Marilyn Brakhage (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Sep 14 2006 - 20:01:19 PDT

On Thursday, September 14, 2006, at 01:45 PM, Lundgren wrote:

> From what I've gathered Brakhage wished that films would be avaible to
> anyone in the same way books are. I really wish that was possible.
I do sell prints and have recently come up with a new pricing
structure, in part to honor Stan's early ideals. . . . In later years,
Stan had raised prices somewhat, to keep up with rising costs of --
everything! And there was only one price for any given title. But
now I have decided on keeping a standard price for educational
institutions, while charging higher prices for museums and galleries
that will be charging admission for public screenings, and taking 25%
off the standard price for individuals purchasing prints for private
use only. My hope is that more individuals will be able to afford a
few prints for themselves, as you suggest.

I can send you a complete price list separately. But just to answer
some of the questions that you raise:

To use your example of Chinese Series: For me, because I have to ship
internegs back and forth between LA (where they are now stored) and my
lab in Denver, Colorado, whenever I want to strike a print, the cost of
a print of this film, including those shipments, lab costs, reel and
can, and shipment to you, I estimate would come to at least $150.00 US.
  My standard selling price is $350.00, and for an individual such as
yourself, then, it would be $280.00 + the postage to Europe. That's
about twice the costs you listed for a rental sent over from the US to
Sweden. However, in this case, of course, you'd own the print for the
life of the print! (But again, that would be for private use only, and
would not allow for any public screenings or charging of admission
fees, nor any transferring to another medium.)

The reasons I don't provide film prints for any less are that 1)
internegs and distribution prints wear out and need to be replaced, 2)
there are other people who have some interests in some of these films
and expect some return on them, and 3) I am kept pretty busy managing
this collection of almost 400 titles and related concerns, and if I
don't continue to make a little money from it, I will have to stop
spending so much time on it and do something else! (It's a job.)

Hope this helps,

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