For Sale - Bolex SBM and misc

From: 40 Frames (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Sep 14 2006 - 19:44:44 PDT


BOLEX SBM, standard 16mm.
Bought new from Bolex in February 2005. Have original box and receipts.
Includes: motor crank arm, rewind arm, 2x filter holders, 2x C mount
adapters, 1x C mount port cap, chamois eye cushion, Pelican 1520 case.
Plus: eight 100 ft rolls of 7231 and 7222.

TOBIN CINEMA SYSTEMS TXM-20B 12V motor (crystal 24fps, vs 12,15,30,48);
TXM-20B motor powers both Bolex MM and WM torque motors.

BOLEX 400 ft mag, throat cover, 4x core adapters, 2x camera rollers.

SWITAR 10/1.6, late model mk III (all black), front/rear caps.

SWITAR 26/1.1, silver/black, rear cap, protective filter, case.

Will sell above items as complete package for $3750 + shipping.

Also - I'll be posting an NPR package soon.

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Pamela Minty
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United States

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