Re: "How to" buy/rent films on 16mm

From: Lundgren (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Sep 15 2006 - 00:18:52 PDT

Thank you for your respons.

I'd love to get a complete price list, even though I might not be able to
afford anything at the moment.

Björn Lundgren

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> On Thursday, September 14, 2006, at 01:45 PM, Lundgren wrote:
>> From what I've gathered Brakhage wished that films would be avaible to
>> anyone in the same way books are. I really wish that was possible.
> I do sell prints and have recently come up with a new pricing structure,
> in part to honor Stan's early ideals. . . . In later years, Stan had
> raised prices somewhat, to keep up with rising costs of --
> everything! And there was only one price for any given title. But now I
> have decided on keeping a standard price for educational institutions,
> while charging higher prices for museums and galleries that will be
> charging admission for public screenings, and taking 25% off the standard
> price for individuals purchasing prints for private use only. My hope is
> that more individuals will be able to afford a few prints for themselves,
> as you suggest.
> I can send you a complete price list separately. But just to answer some
> of the questions that you raise:
> To use your example of Chinese Series: For me, because I have to ship
> internegs back and forth between LA (where they are now stored) and my lab
> in Denver, Colorado, whenever I want to strike a print, the cost of a
> print of this film, including those shipments, lab costs, reel and can,
> and shipment to you, I estimate would come to at least $150.00 US. My
> standard selling price is $350.00, and for an individual such as yourself,
> then, it would be $280.00 + the postage to Europe. That's about twice the
> costs you listed for a rental sent over from the US to Sweden. However,
> in this case, of course, you'd own the print for the life of the print!
> (But again, that would be for private use only, and would not allow for
> any public screenings or charging of admission fees, nor any transferring
> to another medium.)
> The reasons I don't provide film prints for any less are that 1) internegs
> and distribution prints wear out and need to be replaced, 2) there are
> other people who have some interests in some of these films and expect
> some return on them, and 3) I am kept pretty busy managing this collection
> of almost 400 titles and related concerns, and if I don't continue to make
> a little money from it, I will have to stop spending so much time on it
> and do something else! (It's a job.)
> Hope this helps,
> Marilyn
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