Re: Frampton How-To

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Aug 26 2006 - 18:10:43 PDT

Three weeks ago I offered to post Bill Brand's video LIME for download.
Well I finally did it, and it's worth the detour. Sorry for the delay.

>Dear Sherri,
>LEMON rents from the Film-maker's Cooperative for $30. MoMA also
>has it and may rent it too but probably not for less. HF made it as
>a single shot on color reversal film with a B-roll to superimpose
>the Robert Huot tribute title at the end. MoMA has an internegative
>and has made video & DVD to exhibit in the museum gallery.
>But the technique, I said to myself, is obvious. He took a clamp
>lamp and a lemon and he moved the light around the lemon. But your
>question in this public forum instilled doubt in me so I did a
>little experiment and quickly made a little 4 min. video titled LIME
>to test my thesis.
>Its a 750KB Quicktime (240 x 180 MPEG-4) and I'd attach it here but
>I don't want to clog up FRAMEWORKS. So if you like I'll send it to
>you (or anyone else). Or if Pip says put it through, I'll send it
>out universally.
>>Dear Frameworkers,
>>I am trying to find information regarding Hollis Frampton's
>>shooting techniques
>>with LEMON.
>>How was the lemon secured? What type of apparatus carried the light?
>>Did he augment the "single-source" look with auxiliary lights?

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