Re: Frampton How-To

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Aug 27 2006 - 01:24:44 PDT

Well that's my day ruined.

Just woke up came down here and watched this.

Well that's about 9 rolls of film that are now
completely pointless. Shot over a time span of over a
year! Yes that's right, I couldn't pick anything as
simple as a Lime to film, Oh No, not Freya.

Of course my film is better, but then I would say that
wouldn't I and I'm not sure how much better means in
the world of experimental film and video anyway.

This does save me an awful lot of money in telecine I
guess so that's good. Not to mention postage costs to
festivals and stuff. Wow I feel almost rich in money I
didn't have anyway!

I was going to shoot something quite derivative with
the rest of my Kodachrome, maybe I should try and save
some film and come up with something more original for
my last couple of carts.

Of course how I will know if it's original I have no
idea! What is that saying about if you don't know your
history you are doomed to repeat it?

It's just turning 9am now. I guess that's what is
refered to as a wake up call.

Maybe this is my punishment for taking it out my
problems on WAB, not that they don't deserve it.


Maybe if I go to bed and wake up in a weeks time then
things will start being better...


Freya [your resident expert in derivatives]

--- Pip Chodorov <email suppressed> wrote:

> Three weeks ago I offered to post Bill Brand's video
> LIME for download.
> Well I finally did it, and it's worth the detour.
> Sorry for the delay.
> -Pip

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