Re: judges' statement

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jun 25 2006 - 08:15:40 PDT

> as far as i'm concerned, the above is not an
> accusation or an
> indictment of the onion city festival, far from it
> (it's actually a
> 'hope'). the statement makes an observation about
> the paucity of
> women filmmakers showing at a particular festival in
> a particular
> year, and raises a simple question 'why weren't
> there more?' this is
> a perfectly valid question for members of a jury to
> raise and
> statements like this are quite common in jury's
> remarks. i'd think


If you are in that situation then I think it is a good
question to ask too. Especially if it starts to become
a trend rather than an anomolly, and if you don't
watch out then it could sneak up on you and you could
be in real trouble. If you keep an eye out at the
first signs, you won't be caught out unawares.

> i also think that putting it out on a list like this
> where hundreds
> of curators, organizers and filmmakers will read and
> discuss it is
> perfectly appropriate and for me, very interesting,
> as it makes us
> all reflect on possible problems - problems that may
> not exist (as
> several people on the list seem to feel) or may not
> necessarily be
> directly connected to this particular festival.

That's really well put. I always feel that the vast
majority of people on this list are very intelligent,
fairly open minded and have a concern for looking
after the little world of experimental film. As such
it's probably a good place to chat about these things.



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