Re: judges' statement - gender representation in exp film

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jun 25 2006 - 04:25:07 PDT

> There are more and more filmmakers in 2006; it is
> not hard to make
> work, no harder than it was in 1996 or in 1986;

Do you really think it isn't hard to make work? I find
that it can be incredibly difficult. Admittedly I have
a lot of problems with just surviving right now which
really impinges on my ability to work but theres often
quite a bit of effort that goes into the things I do.
Actually a suprising amoungt given the end result :(
Maybe I need to make a different kind of work but as
you say it's probably no more or less difficult than
in the past and maybe I put more effort into my work
than I need to. *shrug*

> On a global level, acceptance of experimental film
> has risen
> tremendously over the past ten years. When I started
> Re:Voir in 1994
> it was difficult to convince even specialized
> bookstores to sell our
> tapes. Within five years they were in Virgin
> Megastore. In the past

Yay! I've not seen them around but I'm glad they are
out there. Maybe someone will buy one by accident! :)

> The only reason filmmakers are forgotten is because
> there is no
> commercial value in their work, neither in the film
> industry nor in
> the art market, but this is already starting to
> change.

I wonder if it isn't also societys attitude to film
and video as being a bit of a disposable commodoty
generally. Obviously this could be tied in to it's
perceived economic value too.



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