Re: judges' statement

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jun 25 2006 - 07:59:02 PDT

When Shelly says our society, she could well mean the
society we live in generally, not the little society
we have in the experimental film world. It's like what
I was saying in my previous post about the
experimental film world not being an island.

This is a significant point because it is like Fred
was saying that it could be to do with things
happening outside of our little world.

I'd also like to say that just because it could be an
external force, doesn't mean we should be unconcerned
about it and say "hey it's not our fault!", we should
keep an eye out and be aware as we might be under
attack and want to defend ourselves!

Of course it could also be any kind of weird anomally
in the process in onion city, but theres just too
little that we can infer really from what they have

I think Fred and a couple of other people are worried
that people might assume that the statement is a
direct attack on Freil or the festival itself but
theres nothing to indicate that it is and hopefully
now that many of us have pointed out this fact, nobody
would be silly enough to assume this as being the

We basically just don't know what has happened. We
don't even know that the judges know what has

In a way the post is maybe not innapropriate because
it doesn't point the finger at anyone, it's just a
carefully worded warning and it's good to be warned
about things.



> Hi Shelly,
> I don't the post was inappropriate; it just wasn't
> intended.
> If you think gender bias exists in the experimental
> film community
> I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.

> >ps: i personally feel that gender bias in our
> society is alive and well.

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