Re: kodachrome!

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 22 2006 - 09:02:20 PDT

> Last year in Paris, at a meeting held by independent filmmakers at
> Kodak to discuss the demise of Kodachrome, Jürgen Lossau, the
> editor of "Schmalfilm," projected side by side two rolls of super-8
> - K40 and 64T - to compare color and contrast and graininess.
> Although K40 was far superior (and even the Kodak team agreed but
> was helpless to change Rochester's decision)

I saw some online examples of 64T (EPY, the 35mm still film S8
7280/64T is derived from) cross processed (altho in C-41 not ECN-2)
and found them intriguing.

I'd be inclined to try cross processing it if 7280 appears in 16mm
(which I don't think is unlikely - actually I'm fairly sure they are
considering this)


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