Re: Kodachrome Quality: Dwayne's vs Switzerland

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 22 2006 - 09:09:38 PDT

> Of note: often when I ordered super 8 stock from
> Widescreen in London, the
> cartridges would have registration problems.
> Something to do with the core,
> which made audible grinding noises. It was the
> darndest thing. Never
> happened before or since. Don't know if the stock we
> get in America is being
> made in France or not. Maybe it was just a random
> bad batch.

Kodak had a real problem at one stage with jittery
carts apparently. Sometimes it would be accompanied by
the blue streaks etc as well. So perhaps if you were
shooting the jittery film batches at the time you were
using switzerland then perhaps it was the bad carts
rather than the processing that was causing your

I think Kodak arranged to have new dies made for the
cartridges or something in the end, but whatever they
did, the jittery cartridges went away. :)



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