Re: kodachrome!

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jun 21 2006 - 14:52:35 PDT

Last year in Paris, at a meeting held by
independent filmmakers at Kodak to discuss the
demise of Kodachrome, Jürgen Lossau, the editor
of "Schmalfilm," projected side by side two rolls
of super-8 - K40 and 64T - to compare color and
contrast and graininess. Although K40 was far
superior (and even the Kodak team agreed but was
helpless to change Rochester's decision), Jürgen
prefaced his presentation by saying that he had
shot two rolls of Kodachrome and developed one at
Dwayne's and one in Lausanne, but that the two
rolls look identical. So that's one high mark for

By the way, the history of Kodachrome is
fascinating - Google around and you'll read the
story of the two young music students from Jewish
immigrant families who invented the process in a
home lab set up in their parent's bathroom.
Amateurs invented Kodachrome and amateurs can
save it! Also, does anyone have any information
about the Klab - Kodak's compact unit to develop
Kodachrome, first used at the Seoul 1980 Olympics
by journalists? It seems there are a few of these
machines around, but Bob Mayson of Kodak
dissuaded me from investigating further.

-Pip Chodorov

>Wondering about other people's experiences with
>comparing kodak's Switzerland lab and Dwaynes
>for k-40 super-8 processing.

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