Re: Beaulieu 5008S / double system sound

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jun 20 2006 - 22:03:53 PDT

dear freya
rococo was an art movement
that was way too ornate
just a phrase i heard working in post
"oh they are gettin' rococo on u huh?"
meaning they are overworking the crap out of everything
they would be making a donut commercial
but acting like they were making "gone with the wind"
or some huge epic
it's a super common problem
geuss i have od'ed on such activities

carob bad
my mother force fed it to me when i was little - horrid
chocolate has the precurser to estrogen
ur lucky u get european chocolate - much better

well i still don't know why numerous cats that have woken me @4am by howling
at my door did it
'ceptin' that they could (power mongers maybe)

my big professional was in quotes meaning supposedly big
but in reality not big at all

dear dh lawrence - or whatever -

i think "jackass" is white guy speak for "ouch"
(dare i translate or 'understand' the subtext of the mighty whitey?)
so sorry my wordies hurt u
they were not directed at u personally
to my memory
i was actually 'talking' with freya moreso
and as i have worked professionally on music videos
shot in super 8 at live performances and i had to sync to a dat
of in studio recordings
i just figured i was talking about my general experience
my POV
i was referencing alot of dudes i have encountered
one guy was all flipped out cause i didn't put a dissolve on every
transition in a 30 minute program - as if

name calling is something
i did not ever really get into in grammer school
though i can imagine how fun it can be

re: camera noisey
some people put cams in water housings
or just tape foam rubber around the cam
but as well fcp and avid have good audio filters
and directional mics can very much help


On 6/20/06, Sam Wells <email suppressed> wrote:
> >
> > Ah well I was only a tiny professional. ;)
> Best Frameworks line of the year ;-)
> > and those
> > cats probably had a good reason you probably just
> > didn't understand it at the time.
> They always do.....
> > that, oh and the carob, the carob is definitely not
> > okay.
> Whatever it is, carob is NOT chocolate. It's not in the same league....
> -Sam
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