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From: Gail Mentlik (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jun 21 2006 - 07:25:08 PDT

I've used Dwaynes (just a few times) and mainly the kodak switzerland
lab for k-40 S-8 processing. I've found kodak processing better for
colors, more consistant and overall the film comes back cleaner (on one
occassion there were scratches back on the Dwaynes processing).

I'm thankful that Dwaynes will be around doing k-40 super-8 for some
time to come which is good to know. However, my confidence in them is
not as high as the kodak lab. but then again I've only used Dwaynes a
few times and I know no lab is perfect.

Wondering about other people's experiences with comparing kodak's
Switzerland lab and Dwaynes for k-40 super-8 processing.

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    Yes Dwayne's has stated they will continue processing Kodachrome
until the very last one. Since Kodachrome 16mm is still available, this
may be awhile. 
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