Re: Beaulieu 5008S / double system sound

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jun 20 2006 - 09:39:48 PDT

> synching up audio to picture is not that massively
> time consuming
> in the end u would probably expend less time and

It can be, I spent ages trying to sync some picture to
a soundtrack I wrote. I spent weeks and weeks messing
trying to sync certain events to certain sounds. It
was soooo boring. In the end I decided nobody was
going to notice but me and nobody would want to watch
my weird video thing anyway so I just decided it was
finished. After all people are able to sync things up
in their mind that are totally non sync.

Anyway ironically the video got screened and
afterwards someone came up to me afterwards and said
they liked the way it seemed like some bits were in
sync with the soundtrack and others weren't. I was
actually really happy, because I felt like I'd just
been wasting my time for weeks on end watching a video
screen while weird globs of light bounced around and I
played the same soundtrack, over, and over and over

But then I figure if you have people talking and you
recorded the sound at the same time as they said the
stuff in the pictures, then how hard can it be! Even
if you get a bit of drift, then you can cut away to
your pet cat or a pot plant or something, or hell even
have an experimental video sequence over their words
and dub some screaming in the background to distract
people. It's not like you have to sync weird music to
completely non connected events is it!

Should be a doddle.

> besides ur probably not just gonna use all u shoot
> the 'professionals' (often) just synch the 'needed'
> parts
> get the other crap close

Sometimes I think the professional thing is overrated
anyway. I mean I used to be a professional and mostly
it meant that I had to get up at some stupid hour in
the morning and be stressed about all kinds of
pointless crap. It was good for getting rented
accomodation tho, especially if you were also a vegan
and liked cats, but honestly, if I had to choose 2 out
of those 3 it would be the vegan and the cats thing,
even if it meant giving up chocolate and pizza.

Having said that it's good to have a roof over your
head and feel safe and have food to eat and being a
professional is good for those things so in practice I
might end up being a proffesional again sometime but
there we are.

So if anyone suggests you should become a professional
or be more professional, my advice is that you tell
them you are thinking of becoming a vegan or getting a
cat instead, it has a lot of the same advantages (and
more in fact) without all the hastle.

Hope that helps.



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