Re: Beaulieu 5008S / double system sound

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jun 20 2006 - 11:14:24 PDT

having a hut is good
yay - materialism can b good
but sometimes i feel way too invaded
and that people get rococo as u said
(i probably would have murdered herzog on the set of fitzcaroldo)* *
i was also a 'big' professional - may go back too but...
cats i don't like
cause they wake me up at 4 in the morning for no fuckin reason
dogs are my thing
synch can b relative
and the levels of time/energy consumption depend on the project to b sure
i gave up pizza but never will chocolate
veganism can b really scarry
i am just vegetarian
i saw a great tshirt the other day
vagitarian - funny
what made it 'better' was a hot guy was wearing it

i just think getting all warped out on how it is 'supposed' 2 b done
can suck the life out of a project
and having to look alot at ur footage within the sync process can bare some


On 6/20/06, Freya <email suppressed> wrote:
> > synching up audio to picture is not that massively
> > time consuming
> > in the end u would probably expend less time and
> It can be, I spent ages trying to sync some picture to
> a soundtrack I wrote. I spent weeks and weeks messing
> trying to sync certain events to certain sounds. It
> was soooo boring. In the end I decided nobody was
> going to notice but me and nobody would want to watch
> my weird video thing anyway so I just decided it was
> finished. After all people are able to sync things up
> in their mind that are totally non sync.
> Anyway ironically the video got screened and
> afterwards someone came up to me afterwards and said
> they liked the way it seemed like some bits were in
> sync with the soundtrack and others weren't. I was
> actually really happy, because I felt like I'd just
> been wasting my time for weeks on end watching a video
> screen while weird globs of light bounced around and I
> played the same soundtrack, over, and over and over
> again!
> But then I figure if you have people talking and you
> recorded the sound at the same time as they said the
> stuff in the pictures, then how hard can it be! Even
> if you get a bit of drift, then you can cut away to
> your pet cat or a pot plant or something, or hell even
> have an experimental video sequence over their words
> and dub some screaming in the background to distract
> people. It's not like you have to sync weird music to
> completely non connected events is it!
> Should be a doddle.
> > besides ur probably not just gonna use all u shoot
> > the 'professionals' (often) just synch the 'needed'
> > parts
> > get the other crap close
> Sometimes I think the professional thing is overrated
> anyway. I mean I used to be a professional and mostly
> it meant that I had to get up at some stupid hour in
> the morning and be stressed about all kinds of
> pointless crap. It was good for getting rented
> accomodation tho, especially if you were also a vegan
> and liked cats, but honestly, if I had to choose 2 out
> of those 3 it would be the vegan and the cats thing,
> even if it meant giving up chocolate and pizza.
> Having said that it's good to have a roof over your
> head and feel safe and have food to eat and being a
> professional is good for those things so in practice I
> might end up being a proffesional again sometime but
> there we are.
> So if anyone suggests you should become a professional
> or be more professional, my advice is that you tell
> them you are thinking of becoming a vegan or getting a
> cat instead, it has a lot of the same advantages (and
> more in fact) without all the hastle.
> Hope that helps.
> love
> Freya
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