Re: Beaulieu 5008S / double system sound

From: email suppressed
Date: Tue Jun 20 2006 - 14:40:32 PDT

> well there is a difference between professional
>and anal wasting ur time just on accounta ya wanna b anal
>cause ur life is real big if ur makin a big deal outa everything
>synching up audio to picture is not that massively time consuming
>in the end u would probably expend less time and energy synching
>than figuring out and gathering up all the absolute must haves to be
>(and it may not end up perfect anyway)
>plus if ur film is just alot of people yakking straight at the camera
>w/ s8 they are only going to b doing that for 3 min. so drift is not
that big
>head and tale slates won't really work for sure - best is ur eye
>but they are a great starting reference
>besides ur probably not just gonna use all u shoot
>the 'professionals' (often) just synch the 'needed' parts
>get the other crap close
>but also there are lotsa free interns on the planet
>that would love to synch crap up


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